Travel for Rejuvenation

Travel for Rejuvenation

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Travel for Rejuvenation

Excerpt- Wishing to replenish the health not only of body but mind and soul too. Travel for this. Select your favourite place from the best places to travel for Rejuvenation India.

Meta- Feeling low? Take a break- heal your mind and body. Read ahead of the article to know more about Rejuvenation and places to travel for Rejuvenation India.

Travelling is an art, not only for fun or enjoyment, but it also replenishes the mind and heals the body inside. Such kind of travel is known as Travel for Rejuvenation, where we can relax and make ourselves feel better. Anywhere in the country, solo or family, get healed and visit these places to learn something beyond the limits and know the inner self better. In this article, we have sorted the best places to travel for Rejuvenation India.

What is Rejuvenation?

Making oneself feel energized and calm is the Rejuvenation that is needed by every person to keep the body going the best way. To make our own system of feel and expression work well, we all need a break from continued working hours. And this is the time we should undergo a hibernation period or Rejuvenation. Get new energy!

Why do we need to Rejuvenate?

Continued working, not only in offices but at homes too; handling multiple chores, managing both the ends, working hard, and the list continues…. The works are never-ending. We tend to get tired. Many times, not enough sleep is taken. And that’s when the body needs a break. Our mind gets tired, and it needs rest too. This is the main reason we all need to, and we all should rejuvenate for some time.

Travel to Rejuvenate mind, body, and soul

Amidst the tensions, work-loads, and tackling some of the other unwanted tasks, learn to rejuvenate, take time out and take a break for few days or at least a day or two.

Continue reading for the tips, travel guidelines, stays, and budgeting packages for the best places to travel for Rejuvenation India.

 10 Best Places to Travel for Rejuvenation India

There are numerous places across the country where not only the citizens but some foreign tourists also visit to get the calmness, wellness, and replenishment for the body and soul. Nowadays, when we are busy working hard all days without a break, such kind of replenishing or rejuvenating travel is a must and much needed. We have divided it into two parts -tourist places and wellness places. Get, set, go to the desired destination.

Tourist Places India

Places to visit if wishing to enjoy the utmost quality of nature, fun, and frolic.

1. Goa

Goa is the capital city of Panaji. It has beaches and spots that lure tourists all across the globe. The beautiful place has beautiful beaches. Being around the water and on the beaches is something that relaxes us as a whole. Secluded, crowded both kinds of beaches are there to enjoy with the self and people around. Eat, dance, relax and do nothing.

Travel guidelines- Goa is well connected with railways, airways, and waterways. Panaji being the capital city of Goa has all the facilities for boarding the choice of travel way.

Packages available- Staying in a 5-star hotel or a hostel- all come in Goa tourism. Goa tourism offers plenty of places to stay solo or in crowds, or with family. Villas, bungalows are also available if planning time to spend with family.

Best time to visit – September to February

2. Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett is a beautiful place amidst nature in the Uttrakhand state of India. It is famous for the tiger reserve and the lovely waterfalls. There are numerous hotels and resorts near the national park to stay in. the location is surrounded by deep greenery and is good to get some relaxation with utter peace. Relax, roam, eat, enjoy!

Travel guidelines- Jim Corbett is well connected from Nainital and Delhi. Roadways are the only option to reach the right destination. Delhi is the nearest airport or railway station.

Packages available- travelling solo or with people – resorts, hotels, homestay villas are in good numbers to stay. Planning a budget stay could be a good option too.

Best time to visit- Winters.

3. Mount Abu

As the name says, this is amount amongst hills all around. Mount Abu is situated in Rajasthan and is a great rejuvenating destination. Trekking can also be done in this place with no extra charges. This place also has historically important temples. Visiting these is always replenishing and, yes, adds to some spirituality too. Wildlife sanctuary and sunset point are other major attractions of this rejuvenating place to travel.

Travel guidelines- Mount Abu is well connected to Udaipur and Jaipur. The nearest airport is Udaipur. However, the railway station of Mount Abu is just 25 kms away from the actual destination.

Packages available- class tourism is promoted at Mount Abu, and all kinds of hotels and hostels are available in the place.

Best time to visit- Year-round, though November and March are the best. 

4. Kumarakom

When you wish to be surrounded by nature, lakes, waterfalls, then Kumarakom is a lovely destination for replenishing the self. Capture the beauty of nature amongst the beautiful waterfalls and the biggest lake in the country. The bird sanctuary is another attraction of the place where the chirping of the birds can calm the mind and makes us feel good. This place is beautifully surrounded by the lace of canals and is situated in the backwaters of Kerala.

Travel guidelines- Kumarakom is connected with Cochin international airport that is the nearest one. Go by road and even by waterways. Enjoy the boating time while reaching the rejuvenating destination.

Packages available- From 3-star hotels to 5-star hotels, all are available to get the desired kind of stay in this beautiful place.

Best time to visit- Monsoons and winters are the best suited for the visit to this natural place.

5. Wayanad

A district in Kerala, Wayanad is a paradise for nature lovers. The place of lakes and dams is good to go for trekking and boating. Such kind of a place always helps to release stress and replenish the energy within. Scattered across 13 acres, Pookode lake is a place to sit on the side and enjoy the waves of the water. Watching people and wavy waters take the pain away.

Travel guidelines- Calicut is the nearest airport to Wayanad. Kozhikode is the nearest railway station. And has wide roadways.

Packages available- Rent an apartment, stay in hostels, and beyond this, the luxury hotels are available to stay.

Best time to stay- October to May are the best time to visit, and December to February are cooler, so not feasible to visit.

The list of best places to travel for Rejuvenation India is a huge one. But as a part of the visit, these are the places to regain the energy and feel afresh to work ahead again.

Wellness Places India

Few of the rejuvenating places also add to the wellness of self-heal and fitness to the body. Such places help us to get introduced closely to the beauty of nature, and the healing power nature has.

1. Atmantan, Pune, Maharastra

A rejuvenating destination spread over 40 acres of area is a perfect combination place to replenish and heal the inner self. It has an exclusive and extensive range of programs to keep up the good health. For a perfect plan, three days minimum should be the stay.

Various kinds of healing practices and therapies are practised to provide good health along with Rejuvenation.

Travel guidelines- Pune is well connected with airways, roadways, and railways. It is the place to visit anytime in the year.

2. Nimba Nature Cure, Mehsana, Gujarat

One of the rejuvenating destinations that help to heal lifestyle diseases. Following healthy routines, practising daily meditation and yoga, taking a walk within the premises close to nature will heal the mind, body, and soul. Think nothing and just loosen yourself in the arms of nature and healing therapies to get over any kind of stress or bodily disorders. The naturopathy centre helps to revamp psychological, physical, and spiritual health too.

Travel guidelines – Ahmedabad is the nearest airport, Mehsana itself has a railway station.

3. Somatheeram, Kovalam, Kerala

Set on the tropical gardens, Somatheeram is spread across 15 acres of area and is the first of its kind – a soothing and rejuvenating destination planned for people across the world. With various kinds of therapies like Ayurveda and panchakarma, this place also is a retreat centre and the place to regain the best of energies from within.

Travel guidelines- Trivanthapuram is the nearest airport to this rejuvenating wellness centre.

4. Nisargopchar Ashram, Uruli Kanchan, Maharashtra

Replenishing oneself with therapies from Ayurveda, acupuncture to the modern techniques, everything is available in this centre. Indulge in various healing therapies amidst nature and get the energy back to set for a better place. The best therapists and doctors are there to give the best kind of wellness health details. A walk-in nature is what heals the soul the best.

Travel guidelines- Pune is the nearest airport though the ashram is well connected by roadways, and trains are also available from Pune to the destination.

5. Dune Eco Village, Puducherry

Dune eco-village is an eco-friendly village where flaunting bungalows are built, probably made to attract people’s attention. It is one of the best places to tour when seeking foe some comfort and Rejuvenation. It is divine in itself and flaunts at night, getting brighten by the beautiful bolts of lightning. Take a walk amidst nature and let nature take away the stress and pain.

Travel guidelines- Puducherry airport is the nearest to the destination.
Travelling to such places that are close to nature always is a pleasant break. The best places to travel for Rejuvenation India are not only healing but also are the learning lessons. This kind of place teaches the importance of nature, the healing power of the natural environment, and also makes us understand the best of us. Practice dance, yoga, walk, meditation wherever deciding to go, whether tourist or wellness. Feel the surroundings and enjoy the travel for Rejuvenation to get set back to work.